*     health and safety at work

ˇ      services of instructor of health and safety at work

ˇ      safety coordinator on site


*     fire protection

ˇ      services of instructor of fire protection

ˇ      services of specialist of fire protection (fire projects)

ˇ      controls and repairs of fire extinguishers and hydrants


*     health service at work

ˇ      first aid training


*     environment

ˇ      waste management

ˇ      packaging waste

ˇ      air protection

ˇ      water management


*     professional inspection and examination of:

ˇ      lifting appliances

ˇ      pressure equipment

ˇ      electric systems and lightning conductors

ˇ      gas appliances


*      training of selected specialized professions:

ˇ      scaffolding workers

ˇ      working in heights and in free depth

ˇ      forklift operator

ˇ      training of drivers

ˇ      construction and agriculture machine operator

ˇ      working with electrotechnics by special conditions (§21-23)

ˇ      operator of gas appliances

ˇ      operator of cranes and lifting appliances

ˇ      operator of pressure equipment

ˇ      boiler operator (gas, liquid, solid fuel)

ˇ      stoker of III., IV. and V. category boilers


*     fire damper inspection and services

*     chimney inspections and cleaning

*     sale and delivery of new fire extinguishers and hydrants

*     sale of personal protective equipments

*     sale of safety and fire signs